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Shock, as man in long overdue Freddy Got Fingered-related arrest is “not Tom Green”.

The UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that some guy (James Meyers of North Carolina) had the unpleasant experience of being pulled over due to a faulty brake light, swiftly followed by the unpleasant experience of being arrested due to having failed to return a VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered, in 2002.

Quoted in the Telegraph, Meyers explains that having pulled him over and checked his license, a police officer discovered an outstanding arrest warrant from fourteen years prior, relating to the un-returned video cassette.


As anyone who has seen the film will know, the outlet from where the tape in question was rented, should have eagerly thanked Mr Meyers profusely for safely disposing of harmful Tom-Green-waste-product, on their behalf, as opposed to reporting him to law enforcement agencies.

Mr Meyers appears in court on April the 27th. There is no word as yet on whether Tom Green, in the spirit of Trump, plans to offer to pay the legal costs, nor on what the hell Rip Torn was thinking. And despite the grave offence of having made the brain-melting ‘comedy’ in 2001; Mr Green sadly remains at large.

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