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UK election 2015: time to abandon Project Fear?

Even if every single Scottish voter had voted for Labour, the party would still not have won enough seats to beat the Conservatives, because of their dire performance in England.

This is despite the nonsensical pre-election scare-mongering by the likes of Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and his English counterpart Ed Miliband, who said that Scots must not vote SNP as this would allow a Tory victory.

Thankfully, this time, Scots ignored their empty pleas for tactical voting – which we now know would not have made a difference - seeing through the various lies of Project Fear part II. We voted in our droves for the SNP and now we will get the representation we wanted as opposed to the “least worst” option that the Labour branch office drones peddled. And yet, Scottish Labour’s bitter deputy leader Kezia Dugdale commented that Scotland “ ...might just end up with a Tory government because Scotland voted SNP”. The lies to the Scottish people, continue.


Meanwhile her English superior, the Milliband-sad-poodle-looking-thing, got his wish: he claimed he would rather lose to the Conservatives than have to work with the (democratically elected) SNP.

Well, good job sir! You got what you asked for. You lost, pathetically, limply, and embarrassingly enough to resign, ergo, you will not have to work with the SNP. Now, how does it feel to have cut your nose off to spite your face?

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