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Why do people listen to failed reality TV contestants?

A failed reality TV contestant, commented on her squitter feed recently that Alzheimer's disease and dementia sufferers are mere hospital 'bed blockers' who should be unceremoniously euthanised to free up space.

Utterly disregarding such concepts as respect and human dignity, and the huge variance in circumstance from one person's illness to another, lack of awareness means that a person doesn't deserve to live, she reasoned, with all the mental agility of a particularly stupid child.


Naturally, this caused an immediate backlash as the public, and some prominent celebrities, angrily rose to the defence of their loved ones and criticised the insensitive nature of the comment.

The failed reality TV contestant was soon doing the usual press junket and necessitating urgent channel-changing throughout the land as intelligent people strove to avoid listening to the effluent which streams from her disgusting mouth. In my case, despite quickly switching BBC FiveLive off when the presenter began to introduce her, I unwittingly let a few seconds of her shrill voice scrape my brain.

I hate to add to this idiot's column inches but the point is: she wasn't making a point. She was deliberately stoking controversy and desperately seeking attention. It is what she does. For example, this is the same failed reality TV contestant who described a nurse in intensive care and perilously close to death as an 'ebola bomb' in a weak effort to mock the recent Scottish referendum. (Hey, what's making light of someone contracting a potentially fatal disease in through humanitarian service, when you can make a simplistic, poorly considered political jibe to increase squitter traffic? Totally worth it.)


This is the same failed reality contestant who recently tried to inflame racial tensions during a concerted effort to ease racial tensions. On the same issue she has said that Islam "allows" rape, due to the disgusting abuse perpetrated in Rochdale. But as far as I know she hasn't commented on whether the BBC "allows" rape, despite Chris Denning, Sir Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, et al. all having spent much of their working lives in its employ (working and possibly raping). She did, however, defend one convicted rapist on his attempting to resume his sporting career.


It's stating the patently obvious to say that this is someone who courts controversy, even accidentally, like when wrecking someone else's marriage or mocking someone else's proposal of marriage.


So, again, why do people listen to failed reality TV contestants, who having failed at their initial desperate lunge at fame, continue pathetically fumbling for it ad nauseum? Fuck this cow. Ignore her. If you stop indulging her the media might too. Unfollow her squitter account. Turn the TV over when she appears. She only wants the oxygen of your attention. Withold it. The moron in question is a failed reality TV contestant, and persists in presenting herself as an essentially failed human being.

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